High pressure data potentially kills people!

It is as important to ensure that public harm is avoided through the misuse or misinterpretation of data, as it was to ensure that railway passengers were not killed by exploding boilers in the early days of steam.

I love this quote (bottom of page 493) from Professor Malcolm Atkinson‘s chapter on Data-Rich Futures in the book he co-edited on The Data Bonanza. It doesn’t deserve to remain buried away in a textbook and illustrates perfectly the immaturity of the current wave of “Big Data” R&D activity. Continue reading “High pressure data potentially kills people!”

Self-rescue in wild Scotland (or “Crying is not silly”)

I spent last week in Torridon, a wild and remote mountainous area on the west coast of Scotland where high, difficult mountains are separated from one another by lonely, windswept glens. With unusually fair weather for the time of year, everything went well. Long days in the hills passed by with members of the party completing Munros of Slioch, Liathach, and Ben Eighe, as well as a host of lesser peaks. Evenings in the pub, drinking a beer or two together were convivial. Continue reading “Self-rescue in wild Scotland (or “Crying is not silly”)”